Sunday the 12th

Something extremely mystical and delightful about a mother singing her child to sleep. It’s as if she, through the lullaby, is carrying the child to a most beautiful land of dreams. The connection between a mother and her child is nothing short of magic. Unending patience and unconditional love that knows no bounds. Countless hours of hardship and sleepless nights, all for what? The child upon growing up may not even reciprocate that love. But a mother simply cannot not love. It’s just how she is meant to be.

Cold water in sweltering heat is one of the most pleasurable and surreal experiences to have. When the cold water rushes through, and makes contact with your tongue and the roof of your mouth, that’s the moment.

And it’s a wrap in the Premier League. City held their nerves and managed to go the full stretch. I have to admit I didn’t want Liverpool to win it. Hate Klopp’s guts. And his face.

Arsenal vs. Chelsea in the Europa league final and Liverpool vs. Spurs in the Champions League final. London clubs rule the roost this year.