Sunday the 26th

It’s important to have a faith in life. A faith to turn to in your darkest days. A faith you can deposit all your despair with, letting you hope there’s a better tomorrow around the corner. Religion is one form of faith. There are countless others. I have come to realize that Modi is one such faith. People chose to believe in him, a second time. Granted, there have been numerous nationalistic outbursts in the past five years. They are probably going to continue into the next five years. But, a billion people can’t all be blindeyed to those incidents. A billion people cannot be so heartless as to choose the ‘worse’ option because that’s what serves them best. They probably voted for BJP and in turn Modi because that’s where their faith is. For some it will always be the nationalistic tendencies that drives their voting behavior. But some others did see something in the last five years that made them give Modi another stab at it. Who are we to slate the overwhelming majority that voted for him? The second time the party has even better results to show.

One can never know what drove this mammoth wave of popularity for BJP. It probably helped that the alternatives were no better. But I will not get into that because I have no clear view on national politics. There have been comparisons with countries such as Turkey and Brazil where leaders with far-right ideologies have ascended to power. While refraining to comment on that, I’ll just point out that the Indian election was still a democratic and fair (as far as one can know) process. So, that’s that.

All I’m saying is, I will not judge people anymore because they are pro-BJP. If they’ve gone and done it a second time, and this time with a bigger majority, there has to be something there. How good, only time will tell. But it’s time to leave people alone with their faiths.