Sunday the 5th

I took a flight from Bangalore to Delhi. In my luggage I was carrying some biriyani from a place my wife loves. The security scan picked it up as certain liquids are not allowed on the flight (I think.). I was asked to open the bag and show what liquid item I was carrying. Turns out, raita is a real security scare. Because of the ghastly raita, poor old biriyani also had to undergo a full ten minutes of high- tech scanning. In the end though, it gives me great joy to inform, both biriyani and raita made it through without so much as a taste.

It’s important for humans to experience parenthood. One can of course live alone for life’s entirety. But becoming a parent surfaces emotions in you that you’ve never felt before. I don’t know how to name them. But I strongly feel that they are meant to be experienced in one’s lifetime. If you don’t, you’re probably only 95% human, as humanity is in essence the sum total of all the emotions that make us human. And people who allegedly “give up” on life and their priceless dreams and settle down with a family are no losers as millenials these days would have you believe. They are brave and made a bold decision (those who were not forced into marriage). So vivacious young people, stop hating on them.