Wednesday the 12th

Our baby girl had the worst weekend of her 7 month old life. Intolerable heat and a lot of adults who all thought her very cute and decided to express their approval with gentle tugs on her cheeks and transferring her person into their own arms. Harmless and well-intentioned, sure. But imagine random twenty feet tall humans picking you up and cradling you because you’re cute. Of course, you’d have the power of agency to tell that monster human to bugger off (if you’re sure they won’t rip your head off).

Babies don’t have the agency to do shit. So they do what they can to let us know they’re not happy with the situation. Cry their heads off and show you living hell in broad daylight. But she also had a bit of fever and she’s teething on top of that. Did I tell you how hot it was? On that note, where is this heat surge going? Every passing year its becoming absolutely terrible and I shudder to think how scorching hot it’s going to get, say, in a decade. I imagine people going apeshit crazy on the streets and knocking each others’ teeth out. For years, global warming sneaked up on humanity. Now it’s standing upright, sporting a right smirk on its face and rubbing its hands seeing how we’re already inconsolable. Maybe we should invent a device to regulate the sun itself. What a brilliant idea! Imagine how much money we’ll save from not needing air conditioners!